Roseville Township

Roseville township was organized on July 24,1878 by petition and named for the appearance of the prairie and the wild roses there. Early settlers were L.H.  Patchen, August Endreson, Henry Boerner, H.J. Bollum, Theodore Shaner, C.W. Gifford, Albert Boerner, Syver Erickson, H.O. Hanson, Carl Anderson, John Brennin, P.F. McCollor, Hans Endreson, Charles Werk, Charles Shauer, John P. Molander, Charles A. Haskins, Ludvik Korner, S.R. Lerum, Ole Halvorson, John H. Kroke, Henry Bundy, Ferd Clark, and John Buckman.
C = Cemeteries. Some cemeteries were established next to a church; some were several miles apart from each other. They are noted by early names.
S = School, noted by District Number.
Section 8:
School District # 71
Section 10:
School District # 20
Section 11:
School District # 59
Section 22:
Cemetery – Brennin Family
Cemetery - Roseville
Section 26:
School District # 16
Section 30:
School District # 23
Roseville Township Schools and Cemeteries