The Grant County Historical Society appreciates any and all monetary donations. These donated funds are used to maintain our building, pay the utilities and all other essential maintenance. These funds also help ensure that our historical legacy will always be shared with the public through the displays, historical buildings, and research sources we are entrusted to preserve.
 GCHS is a non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.
We encourage everyone to shop local to support local businesses whenever possible. 
Another way to donate is through MN Give to the Max. This is a foundation that works with nonprofits, schools, and other organizations to help them manage fund raising.  Each year a specific day is designated and participating organizations have a chance to win additional cash for their organization. For 2023, the day is Thursday, November 16. 
Tax planning, both at end-of-year and for estate planning, is a good time to consider a donation to the Grant County Historical Society. Several donations have been received through the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), as the donor doesn’t have to pay tax on the amount and GCHS greatly benefits. Planned gifts are donations made to GCHS as a part of an individual or family's overall financial or estate plan. Planning with your tax advisor or attorney and using financial tools such as insurance policies, retirement accounts, living trusts or wills, annuities, tax free stock transfers, cash bequests or other tools, you can maximize your assets, maximize 100% tax deductibility, and leave a legacy to your community. 
GCHS can now accept credit/debit card payments for purchases, research and donations through Square, both in person or over the phone.
Thank you for considering a donation to the Grant County Historical Society.
Updated 4.5.22