Elk Lake Township

Elk Lake Township was organized January 4, 1876 by petition and named for a lake in the township. Early settlers were Ole Gudmunson, Halvor Anderson, William Olson, Ole Torstenson, Jens Sethney, Sam Olson, Bernt Swenson, Tore Olson, Ole T. Ring, Iver Johnson, Kittel Johnson, Ole Anderson, Peder Gran, A. Benson, O.W. Olson, A. Hubred, Syver Ellingson and Even E. Bjerke, Ole Ostenson and Hans Ostenson.
C = Cemeteries. Some cemeteries were established next to a church; some were several miles apart from each other. They are noted by early names.
S = School, noted by District Number.
Section 2:
School District # 47
Section 7:
Cemetery – Barrett Covenant
Section 8:
School District # 35
Section 11:
School District # 52
Section 22:
Cemetery – Lincoln
Section 23:
Cemetery – Elk Lake Pioneer
Section 29:
School District # 32
Section 35:
School District # 1
Below are articles and photos of early settlers as submitted by family members. To see them, click on the name. 
Elk Lake Township Schools and Cemeteries