Pomme de Terre Township

Pomme de Terre Township was organized on July 17, 1877 by petition and named for a local lake. Early settlers were Timothy Heald, C.W. Briggs, Ole Sornson, Nels B. Brakke, George W. Vaughan, John S. Vaughan, Oliver Williams, Thomas E Midbon, Halvor O. Midbon, John Scott, Jens Adriansen, Ole Johnson Lene, and J.E. Rolfson.
C = Cemeteries. Some cemeteries were established next to a church; some were several miles apart from each other. They are noted by early names.
S = School, noted by District Number.
Section 2:
School District # 55
Section 4:
Cemetery - Hjerdal
Section 7:
School District # 70
Section 10:
School District # 15
Section 24:
Cemetery – Pomme de Terre Riverside
School District # 11
Section 26:
School District # 63
Section 29:
School District # 37
Section 31:
School District # 54
Section 35:
Cemetery – Christ Lutheran
Below are articles and photos of early settlers as submitted by family members. To see them, click on the name. 
Map of Pomme de Terre township showing schools and cemeteries