Gorton Township

Gorton Township was organized on July 21, 1879 by petition and named by officials of the railway.  Early settlers were Frank Forstein, Samuel H. Wright, Gullik S. Moen, Abner Crawford, Ellef Ellson, Baak Iverson, Knut Hoginson, E. H. Johnson, Ole O. Hillestad, Kolben Gabrielson, Chris C. Ness, Ole Olson, Ole Lee, Knud Oland, Agrim Baarson, and Lars Knudson.
C = Cemeteries. Some cemeteries were established next to a church; some were several miles apart from each other. They are noted by early names.
S = School, noted by District Number.
Section 9:
School District # 18
Section 10:
School District # 68
Section 14:
Cemetery – Norcross Lutheran
Cemetery – Gorton
Section 27:
School District # 31
Gorton Township early cemeteries and schools.