North Ottawa Township

North Ottawa Township was organized on July 24, 1882 by petition and for Ottawa, Illinois, former home of several of the early settlers. Early settlers were Thomas H. Toombs, John Tripp, Nicholas Thies, Peter Schuster, David Tripp, Gustaf Johnson, A.H. Bullis, James M. Tucker, Anders A. Falla, J. S.  Ireland, George Allen, John Matchenske, John Schuster, Henry Fay, Gustaf Hanson, Steen Steenson, W. A. Bulllis, L. C. Engelson, C. Christianson, Hans Monson, Ole A. Amundson, C. Nielsen Veng, and Charles Johnson.
C = Cemeteries. Some cemeteries were established next to a church; some were several miles apart from each other. They are noted by early names.
S = School, noted by District Number.
Section 9:
School District # 27
Section 11:
School District # 66
Section 22:
Cemetery – Sigdal Norwegian Lutheran
Section 26:
School District # 40
Section 29:
School District # 50
North Ottawa Township early cemeteries and schools