Log Cabin

Photo of 1865 cabin
The log cabin was built southeast of Pelican Lake, on the Grant/Douglas County line by a Norwegian immigrant, Ole Halvorson Flor and his wife Molly. Built in 1865, the cabin is approximately 16’ by 22’.
Ole was born in Trondhjem, Norway, about 1830. He emigrated in 1863 with his wife Molly (Mali) and young son Peter. For a short time, they lived in Wisconsin and then in Evansville, MN, and then built their cabin.
 Their son, Peter and his wife Bertina raised ten children in this four-room house.  Ole and Molly also lived with them until Ole died in 1891 and Molly dying in 1916. At the time Peter’s family lived in this cabin, there were three beds in one bedroom upstairs for their seven daughters to share and a bed and a cot in the other upstairs bedroom for their three boys. The Flors moved from their homestead in 1920. In later years, the cabin was added on to, sided over, and electricity was added. The home had been lived in until the mid-1960s.
Photo of the Kitchen
The cabin was purchased by the Historical Society in 1971 from the owners, Ted and Minetta Rohloff. Siding and additions were removed in preparation for moving to its present location on the west side of the Museum.
Currently, repairs are needed as the foundation needs to be replaced and then deteriorated logs, chinking, and windows need to be repaired. The two pictures, taken on 10 May 2022, show the cabin being lifted and moved so repairs can be made. 
By Patty Benson
Photos by Patty Benson
Updated 4.7.22
Photo of cabin raised on beamsPhoto of cabin being moved